DIY Furniture – Easy Industrial-Chic

Even if you are a creative type, the idea of making furniture may be as overwhelming to you as it is to me. But today, I saw some furniture in a Martha Stewart magazine that inspired me to think that I could make my own…

The furniture is called Industrial-Chic and is made from components easily found in a hardware store. The article featured 4 items: storage unit, desk, table, and bench. I am thinking that it would be possible to make many more items using the same concepts. And perhaps using some recycled materials too.  The Martha Stewart website shows photos and instructions for all 4 pieces.

All of these pieces could help you get your home more organized. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, maybe you could have someone else build them for you, while you sit back and admire their handiwork.

Would you make your own furniture?



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