Champagne, Cheese & Black-eyed Peas

I love champagne so I always look forward to New Year’s Eve. And I always wonder what the best foods are to accent my bubbly.

I am a big fan of cheese for its simplicity when entertaining so I was pleased when I recently saw this article in the Globe and Mail that gave me four cheese selections to  complement a medium-bodied sparkler.

A few days later I saw an article in a grocery-store flyer while in Florida for the holidays that suggested that Black-eyed Peas should be on the New Year’s menu also. They said “the reasons are as varied as the recipes, but black-eyed peas are thought to bring luck in a new year.”  The article went on to say that “pork is thought to bring optimism into the new year.”  Who couldn’t use a little extra luck and optimism? so check out this classic recipe for Hoppin’ John.

Wishing you a Happy New Year – with your champagne. And remember that tou don’t have to wait until December 31st, 2013 to enjoy it. Find any reason you can – to have a celebration this year…

What are your favorite foods to have with champagne?


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