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De-cluttering using Feng Shui

Within hours I felt the “energy” of my space change from negative to positive, using the bagua and Feng Shui principles described in Karen Kingston’s uplifting book: Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I tackled months of clutter that had piled up over the winter months in my creative studio and office. I felt free again… Continue reading


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Selfish and Guiltless

I love the holidays because I take time to do what I want to do – without remorse. Ayn Rand said “The worst guilt is to accept an unearned guilt.” And yet we all do it. We feel bad when … Continue reading

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Space Age Gardening

It is true that kids love to garden and to watch stuff grow. That’s why most kids would love a Plantarium kit so they can watch a seed turn into a sprout. The Plantarium Gel Garden kits and the Plantarium Gel Tube … Continue reading

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Just being, not doing

There is nothing like spending time with small children to make you realize the value of “just being”. Just sitting on the floor and laughing. Just walking in the snow. Just eating cookies you baked together. Just hugging and cuddling. … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Happy New Year! This morning, I was excited about the fact that it was a new year and was anticipating all of the new things that I was going to do. I think everyone looks forward to today because it … Continue reading

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Walking for fitness or pleasure?

The benefits of walking are many and yet so few seem to take advantage of them. And, I wonder why? Walking as an activity requires little preparation – just get dressed and go. It needs very little in special clothing … Continue reading

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They won’t steal these

“They broke the door handle. They entered. They stole the earrings that my grandmother wore on her wedding day.” Every time I hear a story like that, from friends or strangers, it breaks my heart because it is such a … Continue reading

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Old clothes = more guilt

I look forward to the change of seasons. It’s time to freshen my look with clothes that have been put away for six months or so. But sometimes I am surprised that the things I put away don’t have the … Continue reading

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Lists, lists, lists

It’s a new year and the first thing I did today was start a new list to get me going and to keep me organized… In my opinion, you cannot have too many lists. They keep you on track and make … Continue reading

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Champagne, Cheese & Black-eyed Peas

I love champagne so I always look forward to New Year’s Eve. And I always wonder what the best foods are to accent my bubbly.

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