They won’t steal these

My personal designs - created at Devil's Workshop

My personal designs – created at Devil’s Workshop

“They broke the door handle. They entered. They stole the earrings that my grandmother wore on her wedding day.”
Every time I hear a story like that, from friends or strangers, it breaks my heart because it is such a personal assault.
I am grateful that I don’t have the kind of jewellery that thieves would want to take. But most of my jewellery is sentimental, so I would in fact be just as heart-broken if I experienced a break-in.
Every time I put on a piece of my jewellery, it brings up memories of travel or friends. I have bought pieces on beaches in Barbados, during cycle trips to lavender farms in Australia, and visits to markets in Toronto or Italy. Gifts from friends have come from Ukraine, Australia, Arizona, and Ireland. None of it exquisite or valuable – but all of it makes me feel good.
Now I can add a few more feel-good pieces to this eclectic collection – that I made for myself.
The Devil’s Workshop holds workshops where you can make your own creations. I chose the Wire-Working Basics to get me started. In a two-hour workshop I learned how to form wire to complete a pair of stiletto earrings, tied chain drop earrings and a fabulous ring. I didn’t have a lot of time to plan out what these creations would look like or to spend a lot of time selecting the perfect beads for each one. However in just over 100 minutes I fashioned some fun creations that I wear proudly because they truly are one-of-a-kind and an expression of my personality.
And I have no fear of losing them to thieves. If they ever make it past my dead-bolt lock they will take one look at these treasures and turn away in disappointment.
I on the other hand can add making as well as buying jewellery to my list of good memories. It was an afternoon well spent!


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