I have the corner office now

A writer needs a comfortable space to work. This, however, could well be the smallest office space I have ever had – but it works. And it demonstrates that you do not need a lot of space to be creative.

IMG_0429The desk is styled after the old-fashioned letter-writing desks, with a glass-top and a small single drawer (which holds a check-book, my good pens, and a pile of USB flash-drives). It is just large enough for the laptop and a keyboard. The chair is hard-backed and right-sized for me and was bought with the desk in 2007.

The printer stand on wheels (to the left of the desk) was a ‘find’ at a Salvation Army Thrift store. It holds both the colour scanner-printer and the black-and-white laser printer, as well as some essential office and technology supplies in bins.

The space in the corner is filled with an old discarded TV stand. It holds paper. the modem, my Blackberry Playbook, and things like the stapler and a 3-hole-punch.

The two stands were painted black to match. A black lamp was added to shed a little light on my creations – whenever I am inspired to sit down at my laptop to write. Now I just have to find the inspiration more often…


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