New Beginnings

Happy New Year!
This morning, I was excited about the fact that it was a new year and was anticipating all of the new things that I was going to do.
I think everyone looks forward to today because it feels like a chance to start over. Some of us make written resolutions. Others just make mental notes that this year will include changes. Many are optimistic that the new year will be better than the last one, especially if they have had to face ill-health, financial worries or unhappiness. We all look forward to starting again at something…
The calendar is the most symbolic item in our lives of those new beginnings. This morning I looked forward to hanging the new calendars around my apartment. But most of all I enjoyed wiping the old one clean. I have a plastic perpetual planning calendar hanging in my office. On January 1st, I get to wipe everything off and start again. As the windex removed 365 days of work, projects, fun and people I met with, I felt a sense of relief that no matter what happened yesterday, I can make my “tomorrows” into whatever I want them to be. The calendar is representative of that sense of renewal.
There are many other new beginnings we can have as the pages of the calendar turn over, and our lives move forward.
As 2014 starts, these are some of my personal ones:
• I cleaned the apartment. Although this is a regular activity, it always feels good to have a “clean house”, as the year-end rolls out– again somewhat symbolic.
• I exfoliated from my forehead to my heels – so the body feels fresh and renewed.
• I baked a new Black Forest sweet bread (with chocolate chips and dried cherries) for my breakfast today – hoping this could become a new healthier replacement for an old love – croissants with nutella.
• I made my coffee (to go with the new bread) in the new mug the kids gave me for Christmas and spiked it with Bailey’s Irish Cream (also a Christmas gift). This may become a new tradition that I could get used to, because it sure does taste good!
• I did my laundry, so I have a choice of everything to wear as the mood pleases me.
• I wrote in my journal, and in my blogs – because I love to write. And I want to be inspired to write more this year than I did last year.
These may not be milestone activities – but small beginnings are important too.
I like this (Anonymous) quote : “Every day gives us the opportunity to start a fresh, to set new goals and make new choices.” I now have 365 days of opportunity on a blank 2014 calendar to look forward to.

Do you look forward to the start of the year too – so that you can have a new beginning? What did you do to start your new year moving in a positive direction?


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