Walking for fitness or pleasure?

The benefits of walking are many and yet so few seem to take advantage of them. And, I wonder why?
Walking as an activity requires little preparation – just get dressed and go. It needs very little in special clothing except comfortable shoes. It can be done in any weather and any location, making it ideal even when travelling or on vacation. Continue reading

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They won’t steal these

My personal designs - created at Devil's Workshop

My personal designs – created at Devil’s Workshop

“They broke the door handle. They entered. They stole the earrings that my grandmother wore on her wedding day.”
Every time I hear a story like that, from friends or strangers, it breaks my heart because it is such a personal assault.
I am grateful that I don’t have the kind of jewellery that thieves would want to take. But most of my jewellery is sentimental, so I would in fact be just as heart-broken if I experienced a break-in. Continue reading

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Lunching can be fun

Lunch containers of all sizes

Lunch containers of all sizes

Labour Day signals the end of summer in Canada as everyone returns to school and work. It also signals the return to new, or shall I say old, routines like making lunches. While this is considered a chore for some, others get inspired to provide healthy nutritious fun food for themselves and/or their families. Some lunch-makers also look for inspiration in how to present the food to keep it fresh and fun. This is the perfect time to pay a visit to FENIGO, one of Toronto’s newest shopping experiences. Continue reading

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Old clothes = more guilt

I look forward to the change of seasons. It’s time to freshen my look with clothes that have been put away for six months or so. But sometimes I am surprised that the things I put away don’t have the same appeal they had last year. They fit differently. The colours don’t match what I think they should. They are more worn out than I thought. The pile of “I don’t think so” varies from items I just bought to the well-loved ones that I have been wearing for twenty years  and  should have discarded years ago when they are started to look a bit weathered. Continue reading

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Around TO – 17Apr13

I love “city-life” because there is always so much to do. I wish I could attend everything that I see and hear about. Even though I won’t make it to all of them, I will post interesting events upcoming and recently gone. The recently gone may prompt you to put them in your calendar for next year if they are annual. Or they may inspire you to watch for similar events in the city. Continue reading

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Outsourcing a “wife”

If you are a working mother, you know that you do not have enough time in your week. And you are not alone!

In this article Get a Wife, that Leah McLaren wrote for McLean’s Magazine , March 2012, she reveals that “functioning households need two days of domestic labour a week” and that most “working couples don’t have the time.” The article goes on to describe the issue of priorities and choices – between continuing to work in a fulfilling career and becoming a half-wife – that faced Gaby Hinsliff who went on to write a book called Half a Wife: The Working Family’s Guide to Getting a Life Back. Continue reading

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Part 5 – A De-cluttered Bathroom

I am finally finished reading the Good Housekeeping article – 31 days to Decluttered – which ends in the bathroom – one of the most difficult places to keep organized especially when the whole family uses it. Check out these 6 tips… Continue reading

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Part 4 – A De-cluttered Entrance

This article in Good Housekeeping gave 7 excellent ideas for keeping your front hallway de-cluttered. Continue reading

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Part 3 – A De-cluttered Kitchen

I am still reading my Good Housekeeping article on de-luttering and I am on the “kitchen” section today. Sometimes keeping this part of my home de-cluttered is more a dream than a reality. However, I consider myself an expert-in-the-field because I do like a tidy kitchen and this room always seems to be a work-in-process – hence I must be doing a lot of de-cluttering – right? Therefore “expert status. I am sure that someone else messes it up again as soon as I have spent the energy de-cluttering. But I can never catch them at it… Continue reading

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Part 2 – A De-cluttered Library

The weekend has rolled around and it’s cleaning time for me. So after my cuppa coffee was enjoyed, the micro-fibre rags and the wool duster made their appearance. As I tackled the book shelves (always first for some reason), I was reminded of the Good Housekeeping January 2013 magazine’s de-cluttering advice for “ardent book keepers” (I definitely fit this description).

They gave four tips for de-cluttering  the ‘shelves” in your home. Continue reading

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