Part 1 – A De-cluttered Living-room

Over coffee this snowy morning, I picked up the January 2013 Good Housekeeping magazine that was lying around. I know the reason I bought it was the cover title: “Clutter Free! Have the whole house organized in a month.”

I think of myself as an “expert” in de-cluttering. That’s because I create the clutter in the first place so over the years I have also become an expert in getting rid of it as well. Continue reading

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DIY Furniture – Easy Industrial-Chic

Even if you are a creative type, the idea of making furniture may be as overwhelming to you as it is to me. But today, I saw some furniture in a Martha Stewart magazine that inspired me to think that I could make my own… Continue reading

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Gift-giving all year-round

In December, my Organizing calendar suggested that “to prevent the embarrassment of receiving a gift from a friend and not having one to give, but a few small items to have available as last-minute gifts. … Wrap these gifts and label them with a sticky note (which can be removed before giving) as to what is in the wrapped package.”

I totally agree with this concept and it relieves the stress. This also provides an option for people you forgot to put on your list – like maybe the newspaper delivery person – or someone you spontaneously decide to include your seasonal activities. Continue reading

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Lists, lists, lists

It’s a new year and the first thing I did today was start a new list to get me going and to keep me organized…

In my opinion, you cannot have too many lists. They keep you on track and make sure you focus on the important items in your life, so they don’t get side-tracked by the urgent that pops into your day or the mundane things you don’t enjoy doing.

I have been making lists all of my life – sometimes driving my family crazy. So I consider myself an expert list-manager – most of the time.

There are various ways to create lists and to manage them. Here are a few that have worked for me: Continue reading

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Champagne, Cheese & Black-eyed Peas

I love champagne so I always look forward to New Year’s Eve. And I always wonder what the best foods are to accent my bubbly. Continue reading

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What I learned about clutter…

For me, there are two reasons that I have “clutter” around me:

  1. It is too hard to put it away, or
  2. I am in a hurry.

If the first issue is solved, it minimizes the chances that I can use the second one as my excuse.

It comes down to old adage (you probably heard your mother or grandmother say): “A place for everything and everything in its place.” That works well when we first get organized, because we know where every item should go. Continue reading

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It’s party season

I love this time of year as it is a time of celebration and I am a natural “party girl”. I picked up the Globe and Mail yesterday and read some great inspiring suggestions for holiday drinks paired with food (more on that later). In the meantime, all of the party articles made me ask myself – what makes a party easy?

Here are a few of my own tips: Continue reading

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This is the blog of Judi B – your on-call personal assistant.

After retiring from the corporate world, I still have plenty of energy and lots of ideas to offer small and medium enterprises as well as individuals seeking on-location support or a virtual assistant. I will use this blog to occasionally share tips and success stories. I hope to see you often. Continue reading

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